Automation and Maintenance Management Systems


Some of the applications that we can cater to:

  • Penstock monitoring

    Ultrasonic Flow Measurement solutions by method of insertion, clamp-on or inside pipe installations. Multi-path transit time measurements can be carried out for improved accuracy, as per project requirements.
  • Canal Irrigation

    Open Channel Area-Velocity Flow Meters help quantify the volumes discharged through canals and open channels such as STP Headworks without need of special weir or flume construction. With wide variety of sensor options, appropriate cost-effective, robust and reliable monitoring solutions can be provided.
  • Water distribution network

    Permanent metering for water distribution networks in towns, cities, suburbs etc. aimed at leakage and NRW reduction. Highly accurate low velocity measurements as well as battery-powered options with 3G / GPRS communications are available to facilitate your water monitoring needs.
  • Industrial discharge monitoring.

    Due to strict regulations from Pollution Control Boards, plant effluent measurements are becoming critical. As also the need for appropriate water management strategies and optimization of cost of utilities. We provide services and products that can measure quality and quantity of the effluent inlet and outlet.
  • Water Consumptions Studies & Audits.

    Our services using portable equipment, are available for Municipal & Industrial users looking to gain control over their water consumption. Our professionally trained and experienced Engineers can generate accurate reports on your water consumption patterns and help identify losses. Our monitoring instruments come from World’s leading manufacturers and can overcome the most difficult of pipeline and process conditions and provide customers with the requisite data.
  • Domestic water metering.

    We also have "smart" water meters that can communicate over GSM network and provide meter readings remotely. We have end-to-end solutions from Badger Meters, including software suite for monitoring, analysing, leak detection, alarming and report generation.
  • Municipal sewer monitoring.

    As the Nation progresses, it is no longer acceptable to have sewer surcharges and spill over on to areas of public access. Our accurate early warning solutions can provide continuous data on sewer flow patterns and help you minimize failures. Overflows from sewers into the natural water bodies which leave long lasting impacts on marine life can be prevented by appropriate monitoring and early warning solutions.

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