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Industrial Instrumentation Solutions

In order to provide good quality and reliable instrumentation solutions, AuM has partnered with the best manufacturers in the world, thus enabling AuM providing solutions for different and even challenging applications.


With NIVUS range of ultrasonic and radar sensors, we can measure flow in practically any condition, i.e. fully/ partially flowing pipes. Open channels, streams or canals. NIVUS also provide level measurement using non-contact ultrasonic or hydrostatic measurement. NIVUS offer a wide range of flow sensors for all applications. For example, there is the NIS insertion pipe sensor for the flow measurement in clean water and slightly polluted water. Depending on accuracy demands we offer single path up to 8 path systems. Our flow meters are suited for different kind of applications. Among these are potable water, hydro power, cooling water, surface water, process water and waste water.

NIVUS also has a patented Cross-Correlation technology with 16 layers of measurement to their cap. In this measurement technology, reflection from the particles are recorded and stored in the microprocessor, which is then compared with the next snapshot of the particles taken. The two images thus obtained, are compared against each other and the velocity is calculated based on the shift of the particles, thus providing a better average velocity measurement, compared to the conventional Doppler form of measurement and also flow profile measurement.

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Flexim is a world leader in Ultrasonic non-contact form of measurement. Clamp-on solutions from Flexim offer extreme low flow measurement, i.e. from 0.01 m/s. This can be particularly effective in measuring quiescent night flow conditions. We can help detect leakages in the network through flow pattern analysis with the concept of district metering at strategic locations in the pipe networks. We can measure pipe ranges up to 6500mm. Ideal for Penstock monitoring, Very low flow measurement for municipal corporations etc.

Even slightly polluted water can be measured using NoiseTrek™ mode of measurement. The meter senses the increase in number of particles, thus causing drop in signal strength during transit-time operation and automatically switches to NoiseTrek™ mode.

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Badger is a century old company with focus on flow measurement solution. Badger has array of products for flow measurement, i.e. Electromagnetic flowmeters, Smart AMR water meters, Ultrasonic meters etc.

Badger state-of-the-art electromagnetic flowmeters come with a very good low flow velocity measurement capability, i.e. from 0.03 m/s and with an accuracy of 0.2% of measured value.

Both conventional and battery powered magmeters are available.

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