Automation and Maintenance Management Systems


AuM offers cost-effective, high quality engineering solutions leveraging technology including Industrial Process Automation, Process Measurement Instruments, Asset Management Systems, Infrastructure Engineering, Project and Program Management.

  • We have an integrated operations center for easy management of all business functions, which include environment compliance monitoring, improved supervision of O&M with KPIs, reliable central O&M platform for all users with access using standard web browsers. We maximize automation to minimize operations manpower. Our daily, weekly and monthly reports are automatically generated for overview of operations, abnormal conditions and equipment failures. Leverage technology to receive and manage real time data base, alarm handling, historian, archiving and web support functions. We monitor instrumentation requirements and provide reliable communications system, standardized and minimizing running costs.

    We are now a Recognized System Integrator of eWON. The services that we provide with eWON products are:

    1. Remote Access for OEMs to facilitate remote troubleshooting of their machines and equipment through a secure VPN over the Internet.
    2. Remote Data online for accessing SCADA and also troubleshoot over the extranet, for plants and industries to monitor their units over a secure VPN.
    3. Remote Data collection, storage and to push the information in HTTP, FTP or e-mail to the Central Server for monitoring by the management.

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  • Our Partner Nivus GmbH Germany is a leading player in water and wastewater monitoring. Nivus instrumentation will serve water monitoring needs. Nivus also provide flow monitoring and survey services. For more details visit

  • With infrastructure development experience with leading international consultants and end-users, particularly in water and wastewater industry, AuM Systems is placed in a unique position to leverage its international experience in offering the latest and most cost effective solution to clients in India.

    Our project managers are trained and certified with design and construction supervision experience. Our partnership with other international consultancies includes the areas of – Design, Estimation, Procurement, Project and Program Management experience. We also have extensive experience in budget and schedule management, and training on safety best practices.

  • We are technology experts in the following water treatment areas in partnership with Oxidane Treatment Solutions LLP

    • Reverse Osmosis(RO)
    • Micro Filtration(MF)
    • Ultra Filtration(UF)
    • Nano Filtration(NF)
    • Activated Carbon Filtration
    • Water Softening/Ion Exchange
    • Iron Removal(IRF)
    • Demineralization
    • Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems(UV)
  • In Partnership with Spectrum Engineering, we can provide very competent personnel with global industry exposure and international best practices in construction management for major infrastructure project and program management.

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  • Modern business process management requires sustainable operations which are based in systems and not on level of competency of personnel.Mordern technology provides wide range of solutions for resource management including Geo-spatial monitoring tools, ERP & CRM systems, which would serve to enhance not only commercial business but also industrial process systems by using unified management platforms.

    Modern Geo-spatial systems would also serve as a tool to enhance safety and communicability for transportation systems such as railways.

    Such systems will also provide owners with key performance indicators (KPI) on performance of people and assets. AuM systems provide studies and recommendations for entire business process, process and commercial.