Engineering Consultancy

AuM, as a team has more than two decades of experience in Engineering, Design and Project Management Consultancy services, primarily in the water and wastewater industry. Our work comprises of:

  • Design for domestic metering, bulk water metering including district metering and leakage monitoring requirements.
  • Identifying cost effective and reliable technical solutions for metering which will require minimum disruption to water supply and will minimize construction complications and time requirements.
  • a construction program which will help benchmark existing consumption patterns and monitor for improvements as project construction progress.
  • Maximizing use of existing assets.
  • Identifying locations for installing flow, pressure and level monitoring instruments consistent with modern water O&M needs.
  • Developing telemetry solutions with adequate data logging and web based monitoring capabilities which are open standard and cost effective considering the long term communication cost.
  • SCADA system designed including qualitative and quantitative monitoring, human interfaces, alarm management, modern reporting and analytical requirements and long term archiving.
  • Developing strategies for sustainable energy efficient Asset Management in the water industry. Master Planning & Development of systems such as Web based SCADA system, remote monitoring meet the business process needs.

We thrive to solve issues, as complex they may seem, for our customers. Our ‘can do’ approach towards a project drives us to deliver best results, within timeline.