The Company

Automation & Maintenance Management Systems (AuM), is a leading provider of cost-effective, high quality engineering solutions leveraging technology. AuM helps transform process data to management information that is appropriate for modern day, sustainable asset management.

AuM Systems was formed by a group of industrial entrepreneurs with collective experience of over six decades in Instrumentation, Systems, Water Resources and Infrastructure Management, Projects and Program Management. We have partnered with international engineering consultants and leveraged its expertise on Automation for our customers’ benefit.

We have a diversified market and product experience with markets pioneers like Rockwell, GE, Siemens, E&H, ABB which enables us to offer well engineered, reliable, maintainable and cost-effective solutions.

Headquartered at Coimbatore, India, AuM Systems and its founding members have been feted and recognized internationally with several awards and certifications.

Why AuM Systems

Finding right solution providers is one of the main challenges for customers. We at AuM Systems believe in having a strategic partnership with our clients in providing efficient and effective solutions. Our industry specific skills acquired from long-term association with world leaders give us a unique edge while designing and implementing solutions.

Our extensive experience in optimizing use of existing investments, leads to minimizing capital investments systems. We have a commitment to provide sustainable solutions, taking cost of life-time ownership. We also have global experience and awareness of industry best practices alongside our experience in Master Planning, Design and Construction Management. We value highly our ethical work practices.


High quality, cost-effective services, engineered first-time right and striving continuously for improvements;


Ethical work practices in all aspects of our work with customers, partners and suppliers;


We will strive to provide sustainable solutions for our customers, leveraging technology to improve environment monitoring, energy efficiency and asset management practices.


We are committed to provide a safe and healthy work environment in our offices and all work locations. All our staff will receive appropriate levels of training on safe industry work practices, as appropriate for their work requirements.